RAM Description

The Raleigh Area Masters is one of the largest adult swim programs in North Carolina.  Located primarily in the Raleigh area we operate under the sanction of the North Carolina Masters Swimming (NCMS) swim club, a component of United States Masters Swimming (USMS).

RAM is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization.   We have a significant volunteer partnership with the City of Raleigh.  Our focus is to encourage swimming among the general population.  Toward that end RAM members participate in a variety of activities with the City.  Members of the group routinely volunteer at Intercity league swim meets, we teach adult swimming and provide stroke improvement clinics in cooperation with the City at City sponsored swim sessions during indoor and outdoor pool seasons.  

RAM volunteers at a City Intercity Swim meet.

RAM swimmer volunteers at Intercity Swim Meet


RAM swimmers include competitive swimmers, triathletes and fitness swimmers of all ages over 18.  Our swimmers have all levels of ability from just beyond beginner to former collegiate level and Olympic qualifying swimmers.

RAM is a great group within which to train for your next competition or just get into or stay in shape.  You can bet you will also form strong friendship bonds that will last a lifetime.

Some of our swimmers hold state and National records in their respective age groups and many rank number 1 in the annual US Masters tabulations of All-Americans.  RAM triathletes have won overall championships and relay championships at regional events.

All coaches are experienced swimmers and coaches.  Several have completed the USMS training for coaches and two have received certification from USMS.

The RAM Address is:

Raleigh Area Masters

PO Box 12717

Raleigh NC, 27605