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Practice Schedule

Schedule Reminders
  • Optimist closed Oct 2-29 for maintenance. Noon practices will be at Pullen during the closure.
  • No NOON practice Friday Oct 20. (Optimist closed. Pullen has AG meet.)
  • Saturday Oct 21 practice at Millbrook 6:30. (Optimist closed. Pullen has AG meet.)

Morning Workouts
SaturdaySeptember238:00am Pullen
SundaySeptember248:00am Optimist
MondaySeptember255:30am Pullen
WednesdaySeptember275:30am Pullen
FridaySeptember295:30am Pullen
SaturdaySeptember308:00am Pullen
SundayOctober18:00am Optimist
Afternoon Workouts
MondaySeptember2512:00pm Optimist
WednesdaySeptember2712:00pm Optimist
FridaySeptember2912:00pm Optimist
Evening Workouts
TuesdaySeptember266:45pm Pullen
ThursdaySeptember286:45pm Pullen

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