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Practice Schedule

Schedule Reminders
  • July 13-16: 2017 USA Masters Games Swimming Competition in San Diego put on by our own Hill Carrow with Steve Weatherman as Meet Director. Link to the swimming Information Page on the USAMG website is http://usamastersgames.com/extra.asp?ID=6909

Morning Workouts
SaturdayJune177:00am Pullen
SundayJune188:00am Millbrook
TuesdayJune205:30am Pullen
ThursdayJune225:30am Pullen
SaturdayJune247:00am Pullen
SundayJune258:00am Millbrook
Afternoon Workouts
MondayJune1912:00pm Optimist
WednesdayJune2112:00pm Optimist
FridayJune2312:00pm Optimist
Evening Workouts
MondayJune196:45pm Pullen
WednesdayJune216:45pm Pullen
ThursdayJune226:45pm Pullen

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